About kai





Kai was born and raised in Kobe, Japan. She has been always surrounded by animals since born. She moved to Vancouver on her own in late 90's. She cares and loves for any kinds of creatures from small insects to wild & farm animals and family pets. She has been practicing vegetarianism and eco-friendly organic life.

She volunteered at the Farm Sanctuary in Chico, California in 2005, she also volunteered at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2006. She attended West end Dog show to raise money for BC Guide dogs from 2008 to 2011.

Kai has taken many holistic courses (T-touch, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Flower Essence) to study and practice. One of her gifts is working with energy. She can sense blockages (chakra) or emotional side from both humans and animals. She combines all the techniques/knowledge to help furry friends to heal and maintain their wellbeing and use all the knowledge to work on animals and humans. She has been working together with Leith who is her long time partner to help humans and their furry friends.

She has been very sensitive to many different energies on this earth since her childhood. Her life purpose here is to use her intuition to channel our universal energy to people and animals for releasing blockages and helping to realign chakras, aiding in mental, physical, and emotional health.

Kai is certified in
:Small animal massage practitioner
SAMP 2007 from North West School of Animal Massage in U.S.A.  
: Animal Reflexologist  (Face, Ears, Paws) from Jackie Segers Revitalize  2007
: Canine First Aid
from DOGSAFE first aid  2007
Human/Animal Reiki Master, Teacher (The Usui method)  2007~2010
: Ear Reflexologist
for human from Pacific Institute of Reflexology  2010
: Sage Lymph Care Method Level 1 2012

: Psychology Aroma adviser of the Aromatherapy Integrative Medicine Association of  Japan: help people and animals to reduce stress and mental issues. 2012
: Completed certification of Flower Essences from Wild Rose College of natural healing.  2013
: Completed certification of Iridology from Wild Rose College of natural healing 2015
: Completed certification of Animal Psychology from Holly and Hugo 2015
: Completed certification of Pet Nutrition from Holly and Hugo 2016
: Completed certification of Veterinary Support Assistant from Holly and Hugo 2016
: Completed certification of
Animal Physical Therapy from Holly and Hugo 2016
: Completed certification of Awakening from Larry Wayne; Transpersonal Hypnotherapy 2016
Access Consciousness Certified Access Bars practitioner  2017
Access Consciousness Certified  Access Face lift practitioner 2017
Access Consciousness Certified  body process MTVSS practitioner 2017
Access Consciousness Certified  body process Zero sum of Trauma practitioner 2018

Her articles :  Vancouver Shinpo (Japanese community newspaper)

                        Ming Pao (Chinese community newspaper)

                    Life Vancouver (Japanese online community site) 


Leith is a certified Reiki practitioner since 1992, also certified in reflexology since 2000. His bodywork helps to reduce and relieve stress and anxiety, boost their inner energy levels, increases health and vitality. His goal is to assist others in learning to heal themselves. He's also a medium to connect with their loved ones and spiritual guides, helping people to let go of their worries and fear. He uses Universal Energy, to give that individual information about what is most important in there lives now. Contact me for prices