Holistic Ear Reflexology Auricular therapy

First initial session     $45
Takes about an  hour or so. Please bring your own hair band or pins if you have long hair)

Continued session                 $35 

Replacing ear pellets only    $10

5 session  package                 $158

10 session package                $300

Ear pellets prices are excluded$1$20
mustard seeds, swarovoski, titanium, gold, magnets, crystal and many more pellets. Please pick one you like.

Reiki session          $60
Distance Reiki Session     $40

Travel fee: $5~20
Please notify 24 hours before your cancellation
$20 would be charged on the same day of the cancellation.

Summer hours
for Auricular therapy (Ear reflexology session)
Monday to Friday 13:00~18:00

Regular Hours: Monday to Friday

For appointments, please email to

Auricular therapy should not replace acute orthodox medical care in life-threatening situations.