animal massage

Why Massage on dogs and cats?

Along with holistic veterinary care, good nutrition and exercise, routine animal massage will prove beneficial for dealing with a variety of problems as well as be useful in the detection of any abnormalities

Maintain or improve physical well-being and help prevent injury

Increase flexibility and function of the joints
Relieves pain in joint problems, arthritis and hip dysplasia
Decrease muscle soreness & stiffness
Improve circulation, increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to muscles and bone
Aid in the elimination of wastes and toxins from the body
Strengthen immune system
Stimulate metabolism helping weight loss
Promote a healthy skin and coat
Hasten muscle recovery from injury, surgery & sports activity

Calm Hyperactive, Anxious and Nervous Animals

Reduce stress & depression
Assist with emotional issues (abuse, etc.)
Help stretch and relax muscles
Build trust and acceptance of being touched

What kind of animals are benefiting massage??

🐕Any age and size of domestic animals including dogs and cats, also small animals such as rabbits, ferret, Guinea Pigs.

🐕Working dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, explosive and arson detection dogs, sled dogs)

🐕Senior dogs and cats
🐕Puppies and kittens
🐕Shy or recently adopted dogs and cats


Massage is not designed to treat, diagnose or prognoses an illness or injury. please contact your vet immediately.