Canine/Feline Healing session
Communicating with animals body, using healing energy and acupressure points and massage to release the tension of muscles, stiff joints, also release to unblock their body's toxins, align their chakra as well.

First time initial intake (90 min including healing session) $120
On-going healing session 45 min  $60

Animal Holistic healing Consultation
Focusing on animal wellness of mind, body and spirit
I have studied many different levels of alternative animal health care, with deep understanding of animals mind and spirit, there are so many ways to help them.
I help/support owners to educate natural holistic way to take care of their animals, help animals to unblock their chakra such as anxiety/stress, emotional disorders, trauma, chronic illness, food/skin allergies, cancer.
This consultation is not for designed for treat or diagnose or prognoses an illness or injury.
First time initial intake $140
on-going consultation $80
First time initial intake by email $100
Continued Email consultation $40

Animal Communication/Reading
connect with your loved ones
one session  $60

Animal Reiki
First time initial intake (including Reiki)     $60
(It depends on animals, its between 30~60 min)
Continued session $40
Long Distance session $30

Animal/Human Reiki Certification Courses
Level I   $250
Level II 
Level III 
$100 non-refundable deposit required by e-transfer

Animal Moxibustion session (herbal heat therapy)
First time initial intake (including session) $60
30 minutes $40

Animal Aromatherapy
this is not a massage, it is a inhaling (sniffing) session! it does work!
dogs/cats with emotional issues such as separation anxiety, fear, etc.
First time initial intake $60
Continued session $30
(+ custom blend oil from $10 to $20)

Spiritual Guide Reading
by "Medium" Leith
Connect with your guides, loved ones.
60 minute $80
90 minute $100

Human Ear Reflexology

First time initial intake  $60

Access Bars
60 minute $80
90 minute $120

Access Energetic Facelift
60 minute $80
90 minute $120

Serving Metro Vancouver, Located in Kitsilano area, mobile to Vancouver West to East. BC, Canada
  travel fees apply.($5 ~$20)

Prices subject to change without notice

Gift Certificates also available