Canine/Feline Massage
Referral only, please contact me directly

Animal Holistic Consultation
Focusing on animal wellness of mind, body and spirit
I have studied many different levels of alternative animal health care, with deep understanding of animals mind and spirit, there are so many ways to help them.
I help animals with anxiety/stress, emotional disorders, chronic illness
This consultation is not for designed for treat or diagnose or prognoses an illness or injury.
First time initial intake $140
on-going consultation $80
First time initial intake by email $100
Continued Email consultation $40

Animal Communication/Reading
connect with your loved ones
one session  $60

Animal Reiki
First time initial intake (including Reiki)     $60
(It depends on animals, its between 30~60 mins)
Continued session $40
Long Distance session $30

Animal/Human Reiki Certification Courses
Level I   $250
Level II 
Level III 
$100 non-refundable deposit required by e-transfer

Human Reiki
First time initial intake (including Reiki )  $60
Continued session $50
Long Distance session $40

Animal Moxibustion session (herbal heat therapy)
First time initial intake (including session) $60
30 minutes $40

Animal Aromatherapy
this is not a massage, it is a inhaling (sniffing) session! it does work!
dogs/cats with emotional issues such as separation anxiety, fear, etc.
First time initial intake $60
Continued session $30
(+ custom blend oil from $10 to $20)

Spiritual Guide Reading
by "Medium" Leith
Connect with your guides, loved ones.
60 minute $60
90 minute $80

Human Ear Reflexology

First time initial intake  $50

Access Bars
60 minute $80
90 minute $120

Access Energetic Facelift
60 minute $80
90 minute $120

Serving Metro Vancouver, Located in Kitsilano area, mobile to Vancouver West to East. BC, Canada
  travel fees apply.($5 ~$20)

Prices subject to change without notice

Gift Certificates also available