Pivate or Group Animal (Pet) Massage Workshop 
bring your own dog!!!

Massaging animals is the perfect way of caring for your four legged friends and has many positive benefits; it calms nerves, boosts confidence, improves behaviour, soothes aches and pains, stimulates muscle tone, promotes a gleaming healthy coat and creates an extra-special bond between you and your pets. If your pets have behaviour or mental or physical issues such as arthritis, aging, separation anxiety, allergy, etc, I can teach you how to massage your pets in simple ways, so you can start helping your furry friends.

Place:Your home (approx 2.5 hours) 
Time:  Pick your day! (additional of $10 if its on weekend)

Fee  Private $150
            Group $80 (minimum of 2 people)
            Travel fee $5~$20

What you learnBasic dog's anatomy (muscles, bones)benefits of massage, type of massage, basic massage technique, practice on actual animals

What to bring:  Thick towel or dog blanket or dog bed (you work on the floor, make sure your bum is comfortable!)  Pens. 
To participate in this course your pets must be

1. spayed or neutered
2. Able to do basic command (sit, stay, down)
3. Able to socialize with other pets (must not be aggressive)

You must not bring your own pets if you are unable to comply with above conditions.
If any reasons you can't bring your own pets, contact me first, I might be able to ask other participants if they have two pets, so you can work on them, otherwise please bring your stuffed animals.

Before the workshop
Please make sure that your pets finish meal and also their business before the workshop. Please bring your poop bags and treats if needed. Its the best if your pets play or walk before they come, so they are ready for receiving massage!

Registration, please contact
You will receive a registration form, please fill it out and send it back to me.

Power Paws offers animal massage & Reiki services to assist people who wish to promote the wellness of their pets. The information provided during the workshop is for educational purpose only. It is not intended as a substitute of veterinary care. Power Paws shall not be held responsible for any damage, injury or loss resulting from the workshop performed.